About Us

Community State Bank of Missouri has celebrated over 130 years of filling the financial service needs of Pike and Lincoln County neighbors. The bank was founded in 1887 as the Bank of Curryville. According to a centennial history of the bank published in the Bowling Green Times in 1987, the Bank of Curryville was established January 26, 1887 with $10,000 from its original stockholders. One share was worth $100.

W. K. Biggs was the first director and his family owned the controlling shares. He served as president of the bank from 1887 to 1895. Other directors were D. D. Rose, William H. Tinker, H. G. McCune, and William Reading. Mr. Biggs’ son-in-law, W.J. Hawkins was the chief executive officer from 1895 to 1915. At that time, two people operated the bank. The CEO was the cashier and took deposits at the window as well as making big loans. His son, Oley Hawkins, succeeded Mr. Hawkins in 1915 as cashier. The other employee of the bank at that time was Lucille Warren.

The Bank of Curryville was founded on solid business principles. Good management was proven when the bank survived the Depression of the 1930’s under the leadership of Mr. Hawkins.

Mr. Hawkins died in 1937 and a former bank examiner, G. B. Weber, became cashier, a position he held until 1943 when Kennedy Bucks became cashier. The bank operated in Curryville until 1945 when John McIlroy and Sen. Edward Long bought it and moved it to Bowling Green.

In May 1945, the guard changed from directors J. D. Gates, B. Brown, J. Henry Sisson, W. Caldwell, and L.D. Harris to Sen. Long, Mr. McIlroy, Mr. Harris, Leslie D. Long (father of Sen. Long), and W.T. McIlroy (the father of Mr. McIlroy). Leslie T. McCulley was the managing officer, followed by Lowell Pasley.

In 1957, Carl E. Murray was appointed CEO and served in that position until August 1, 1987. During Mr. Murray’s term, the Bank moved to its present location on Church Street in 1968.

Tapley McCune succeeded Mr. Murray. Mr. McCune had both professional and family roots in the banking business. He was an employee of Community State Bank for 46 years. Mr. McCune is the great great nephew of H.G. McCune, one of the founding directors of the Bank of Curryville.

Under McCune’s management the bank enjoyed continued growth. The Bowling Green facility expanded in 1989 and a branch was opened in 1998 in Troy, Missouri.

After many years of operating with two or a handful of employees, by the time the bank celebrated a century of service in 1987, it had 18 employees. When Mr. McCune retired in 2006 the Bank had 30 full-time employees and three part-time employees in Bowling Green plus 10 full-time and three part-time employees in Troy.

An increase in assets has accompanied the bank’s history of strong growth. In 1946, capital accounts totaled about $60 thousand. Most recent figures put capital accounts for the bank at approximately $25 million.

In 1993, Mr. John M. McIlroy, Sr. retired as President and Chairman of the Board, he remained on the Board of Directors until his death in late 2008. John M. McIlroy Jr. was elected Chairman of the Board and William C. McIlroy was elected to the position of President. Mr. Philip Schaper, Jr served on the Board of Directors for 46 years until his death in 2009.

The Board of Directors currently consists of John M. McIlroy Jr., Chairman of the Board, William C. McIlroy, President, Margaret M. Goodin, Paul B. Hill, and Mark A. Goodin.

In 2005 the bank name changed from Community State Bank of Bowling Green to Community State Bank of Missouri.

Paul B. Hill, Executive Vice President and Mark A. Goodin, Executive Vice President currently serve as Co-CEOs and run the day-to-day activities of the bank. Each of them has over 35 years of banking experience with Community State Bank of Missouri.

They have worked in all areas of the bank and continue the tradition of responsible financial stability and excellent service to the customers of Community State Bank of Missouri.